Scentman, is one of the few aromajockeys worldwide.  Let him take you to the world of fragrances.
Scentman adds a new dimension to any occasion. Scents enhance the atmosphere created by music and sound.
It gives the public an extra boost of energy.

Smell = Emotion

People have: 30,000,000 olfactory cells with which we can distinguish a huge lot of scents. That means that smell is the most sensitive of all human senses. It is the only sense directly connected to the emotional brain. For 45% scent will tell someone how they feel about a place or product they see.


Experience this:

Make your event different and more special then the others. Enhance the ambience you want to convey and bring a unique experience. Scents and pheromones bring a magical feeling. Also there is an end to smells of sweat, smoke or other negative smells.

Welcome to the world of scents!


Discover a new dimension. Playing with the atmosphere created by light and sound, the right scents makes the experience more intense. The best essential oils, incense and pheromones are mixed live. With great fans, stove fog effects Scentman sets an impressive act down. Well combined scents make an enormous contribution to the positive mood of the audience.It’s possible to work 100% organic.

What is possible?

At any conceivable place, Scentman can apply his fragrances. In clubs, festivals, lounges, parties, movies, discos for deaf, fashion shows, etc. The odors are adapted to the occasion and they will be during the event. The scents encourage such a relaxed atmosphere in the beginning and then go into a euphoric atmosphere full of energy.Scentman responds to the music being played. Does the music go to a climax then the scents move along, etc.



Jasmine, vanilla and amber for a warm sensual atmosphere
Orange blossom, grapefruit, bergamot, fresh and cheerful!
Blood orange, coconut, vanilla, cocoa, and particularly sultry tropical
Fresh peppermint, strawberries


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